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EHR Fulfillment

Helping you realize the full benefit of EHRs with flexible and efficient data fulfillment services.

Realizing EHR Benefits
Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have been called a critical step forward in improving the efficiencies in the medical business and enhancing quality of care. The reality is that the EHR system is only as good as the quality and completeness of data that is entered. At ScribeCare we are helping clients realize the benefits of EHR systems by providing flexible service options for entering clinical data into the EHR. Whether the data is in the form of dictated files, physical documents or from a separate system, we will help ensure it is entered into the EHR system with completeness and accuracy.

The Right Company for the Job
Our vast experience in medical transcription provides us the medical language abilities and business process capabilities to provide EHR services that are both high quality and are HIPAA secure. Please contact us to learn more about our EHR data fulfillment services.